Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brinlee has been asking to get her ears pierced since we went to disneyland. So ......yes I gave in. She has been doing really good. They haven't hurt her at all and she didn't even cry. She is very good to clean them out every morning as well. So pretty!

Thursday we had a big day. We went to the Dinosaur Park with Amy and her kids. It was fun to get out of the house with all the rain we have been getting.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sorry everyone:I can't find out how to switch them into ascending order.
So you'll have to start from the bottom:)
My Two BEST Buddies!


This was the ending of our adventure to Disneyland.
We had to have at least one picture of the pink castle!

Little "lady" bug. Brinlee was trying to get me to look at the camera. (OOPS!)

Grandpa and Brinlee in the little Caterpillar ride.

The Next day it was back to Disneyland Adventure! How do you like our bugs life Glasses?

This was the Sea Otter show. It was cute. It also started to rain during the show. Judy and Brin were smart and put a poncho on at the begining. Brett said to her "I would rather be wet then look like a dork in a poncho." Royce and I agreed. But needless to say we all ended up in poncho's lookin like dorks.

Yay Shamoo! This was actually really cool. They are such amazing animals.

We got to feed the Sea Lions and Otters. (That is if you didn't get attacked by the birds.) I had waited all day for a churro and as soon as I got one a stinking seagull swooped down and took the whole thing (paper and all) out of my hand. for a minute I thought that Brett (my father-in-law) was hitting me in the head. But then i realized that it was the seagulls wings. Stupid Birds!

This is Brinlee in the Budweiser's Barn the horse in the back was getting a shower. They are beautiful horses. Leave it to Brinlee to find the pony's once again.

This was the next morning. On the way to Sea World.

Look! I told you she didn't stop smiling!

Splash mountain was awsome! I loved it. Brinlee is ducking so she dosen't get wet.
FYI: The last on the ride may not get the splash but you get the after math flood.
Our bottoms were soaked!

Space Mountain! Brin loved this ride even though she almost let lunch go.
Brinlee: I hope I don't throw up!
Grandpa: Your okay sweetheart (Please don't puke!)
Grandma:I'm Duckin!

Beep! Beep! See even Royce found a smile!

This is kinda heavy!

This is one of the 1st rides Brin chose. (Should have guessed something with pony's.) Grandpa got into trouble because he was whipin' the horses to make them go faster. He was well informed that it doesn't make them go any faster.

This is the "Sword In The Stone" Brinlee is trying real hard can't you tell "Cheese".

This was the face I woke up to the next morning and it pretty much stayed the same the rest of the trip. Kinda makes you smile hu?

She found so many that we had almost half a plastic bag full.

When we arrived at Aunt Beverly, Donna and Uncle John's House we decided to try and find some lizards. But we found these snell shells instead. Brin loved them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brinlee And Grandpa having a blast on Brin's 1st plane ride.